Anjuli Mack is an award-winning fitness competitor, and body transformation expert who personally went through a weight loss transformation, losing 22 lbs and transforming herself. 

As the founder of Fit With Anjuli, she has helped hundreds of women lose weight, and feel happy healthy & strong again.
Lose Weight, Get The Body & Lifestyle You've Always Wanted
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Ultimate Body Transformation
New Year Sale - Save 25%
$44/ Month
Membership Recurring per Week (Price in USD)
Ultimate Body Transformation
New Year Sale - Save 25%
$44/ Month
Membership Recurring per Week (Price in USD)
Ultimate Body Transformation
Pay By The Week!
$14/ Week
Membership Recurring per Month (Price in USD)
Live Coaching SESSIONS with Anjuli (Value PRICELESS)
No matter what your unique situation, stuck point, or challenge, Anjuli has seen it before and fixed it.   
Talk to Anjuli LIVE, monthly, as part of ongoing group coaching and accountability sessions, plus get exclusive access to the Facebook Secret Members Only Accountability Group. 
Fast Fat Burning Cardio Routines (Value $29)
The best and most effective HIIT and LISS cardio workouts to ignite your fat burning furnace. 

The unique cardio programmes that are included have a 48 hour after burn effect. So even after you have finished your cardio session you will still be burning fat for an extra 48 hours.

Cardio and weight training go hand in handwith acheiving the results you want. These workouts will help you get fit and stay lean.
Anjuli's Supplement Guide (Value $19)
Supplements are optional extras on all Fit With Anjuli plans. However if you wish to add these there is an easy to understand Supplement Guide containing the best and most effective supplements that Anjuli uses.
This includes the best supplements to use for all goals including weight loss, muscle building, pre-workout and also general health.
Fit With Anjuli Exclusive Members Only App
Exclusive Fit With Anjuli Members receive their programs on a Mobile App so you can now take your personalized Meal Plans and Workout Programs with you to both the supermarket when meal prepping and also view exercises when in the Gym!
Available on iTunes and Google Play stores.
Are you thinking...
Are you thinking "This is another one of those really complicated, and hard to follow plans..."?
I believe I have found the perfect balance between effective, variety and easy to use. Most plans are too complex for the average person.... but not this one! ;)
Are you thinking "Will this really work..."?
Well it has worked for me and for lots of other women... so YES, it will work for you!
Are you thinking "I'm a vegetarian, there's no way this will work for me..."?
I have a vegetarian option with hundreds of delicious vegetarian recipes for you as meat is very easy to substitute for!
Are you thinking "Is the meal plan only for one person or for a family..."?
While the plan defaults to customizing the meals just for you, up-sizing the recipes for two or more people is as easy as selecting that option in the app!
Are you thinking "I've tried a million different diets before, why will this work for me..."?
The honest truth is because I make it so simple for you to follow your workout and nutrition plans, and am there along with everyone else in the members group to coach and support you on this journey to transforming YOU!
Are you thinking "But what about my cravings..."?
The truth is you usually only have cravings because your body isn't getting all the nutrition it needs. Once you start eating the foods in your personalized meal plans, your cravings should start to disappear automatically!
Are you thinking "What's the catch..."?
The catch is you have to put in the work!! And you will! Because you are ready for this!!!
Ultimate Body Transformation
New Year Sale - Save 25%
$44/ Month
Membership Recurring per Week (Price in USD)
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I cancel if I no longer want my membership?
Simply send an email to and we'll take care of it for you.
Are you sure I'm not signing up for something with a minimum commitment, contract, or cancellation fees?
100% sure! You can cancel your membership at any time with zero charges, or fees.
My goals might be different than somebody else, how do I know your plan will work for me? 
Your program is specifically tailored to your goals to ensure you get the results you desire. Staying consistent on the program no matter what your starting point will get exactly the results your looking for.
How long will it take to receive my meal and workout plan after I sign up?
It will take me about 2-3 days to build a plan personalized to you and your goals. When signing up please make sure you provide us with the correct height, weight, allergies/food dislikes and your goal (muscle building or shred/shape) so that I can create your plan ASAP!
What if I don't like one of the meals in my meal plan for the week?
You have the option to swap out certain meals you don’t like. I recommend checking the plan at the start of the week so that you can request a meal change in time for us to swap the meal for you.
Do I have to keep up with counting calories or macro-nutrients?
You will receive your calories broken down into macros for each day of the week and I also include the calories and macros for each meal/snack on the plan. We've done all the heavy lifting for you!
I'm gluten free, will this work for me?
Many of the recipes are gluten free and for those that are not, its very easy for you to swap ingredients out with gluten free ingredients.
I don't need to lose a bunch of weight, I just need to tone up. Is your plan right for me?
Yes Fit With Anjuli is good for anyone looking to tone up, get fit, or just live a healthy lifestyle. 
If I take a break from the program or miss a week for some reason, will I be able to get right back on without being behind?
Yes no problem at all. No one is perfect (not even me!) and if you fall off or take a break, it's easy to jump right back on track!
Do I have to buy a bunch of supplements after I get your program?
No! If you currently spend money on groceries or going out to eat, it won't cost you anything more than what you're spending now.
I don’t have a gym membership, how am i going to do the workouts?
2 options here. $10 a month membership at Planet Fitness (or any other gym), OR very soon I will start providing work out plans that can be done at home which will kick your butt! But truthfully losing weight is 80% what you eat anyways!
About Anjuli Mack
Anjuli Mack is an award-winning fitness competitor, and body transformation expert who personally went through a weight loss transformation. 

As the founder of Fit With Anjuli, she has helped numerous women lose weight.
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