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What's up, Fam!
Anjuli here.
This time four years ago I was lost.
After a few years of training hard and eating whatever I liked, I got tired of not seeing results.
I am sure a lot of you know this feeling!
I decided that I should change my nutrition.
I tried low carb, high-fat, low-fat, high-protein & everything else you can think of.
I binged, overtrained and then under ate.
Of course, none of these things worked long term - they were NOT sustainable or healthy for my body.⁣
(Proof of the diets not quite working out for me.)

One of the biggest things about me, when I started my fitness journey, is that I had no one to help me. 

I didn’t know any other girls in the gym.

I didn’t know anyone that could teach me what to do in the gym. What to eat. I was really alone.

This led to me having a completely negative relationship with food and myself.

It would have been nice to have someone help me from day one.

My goal with all of this is to help other women (yes, that's you!) start their journey knowing what to do from day one.

I want you feeling happy, healthy and confident in your the gym.  

But, of course, in the appropriate amount of time instead of just guessing as I did.

This year I'm committed to being the happiest, healthiest AND strongest I've ever been.

Who's with me?

"I never ever thought I would get a coach to help me, but Anjuli is so amazing.
I love everything she is about and how she is a fountain of knowledge.
She posts free workouts and meals on her Instagram, but I'm so excited to have her along on my journey to being the healthiest and happiest version of myself"

-Sherri Gurule
"Since I started the program in December I’ve lost 7 pounds.
I have had more energy and motivation since I started. I meal prep every week which makes it easy each day.
I love all the workouts and seeing your posts everyday. I can’t wait to keep going! Thank you."
- Tanisha Lord

"I can promise you all that you’re going to have the best time living your new #FitWithAnjuli lifestyle!!!
I just completed my first 12-weeks with Anjuli and Ross and I’m now starting my next 12 weeks because this lifestyle is addictive.
I can’t put into words the multitude that this gorgeous couple have done for me. They’ve enhanced my life in every way."

-Evangeline Matthews

Whatsup, Girl!
(...without saying "yes" to diets that leave you starving or workout routines that don't produce  results!)
We've Reached a Nutritional Crisis

You have more workout and diet methods at your disposal than ever before.




...21 Day Fix

The list goes on and on and on....

Heck, I've tried just about every one of these. (Or, at least, most of them.)

And, they always produce the same results over and over again.

You muster enough "motivation" to stay on a diet long enough to see a few quick results and then.....


The wheels come flying off over a weekend of binge eating, stuffing your half-starved body with anything you can lay your hands on.

And, that's not even the worst of it.

After all, the momentary pleasure of actually putting food in your mouth that doesn't start with the word "salad" or "chicken" is a momentary relief.

That is...until the bloating kicks-in.

That's when the real "fun" begins.

Ya know - the self-critical phase that leads to an entirely negative relationship with food and yourself. 

I felt like consistency with nutrition and knowing what my body needed was always one of my biggest downfalls.

So what do most of us do?

We go into scramble mode.

If only you could "outrun" unhealthy eating. Or, maybe, workout harder in the gym.

But, you know it doesn't work that way.

And, of course, it doesn't help when you lack confidence in your gym routine.

"Am I even focusing on the right exercises?"

"Or, am I just wasting more time with a busy schedule that's already starting to burst at the seams?"

It's time for you to hit the reset button on this whole vicious cycle and start creating a more positive self-image that brings you happiness.

Yes, you can be happy with your body and maintain it!

Guess what?

You deserve it!

I'm here to remind you that...

You deserve to feel good. You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to live a happy life.

But, more importantly, you deserve to see results.

You have put intense effort and energy before into your nutrition and exercise, isn't it time you started seeing some damn payoff??

It is possible for you to know EXACTLY how to fully leverage your time and energy - waking up every morning knowing what to eat, how much to eat, and (if it's a workout day), precisely what you should be doing in the gym.

But before I introduce the program that's gonna shift EVERYTHING, there are a couple of things we gotta get out of the way.

Soooo......Let's keep it real and drop all the BS. Sound good?

Your mindset is more important than the size on a tag or numbers on a scale

Of course, I want to look my absolute best.

And, yes, I do get caught up in this whole numbers on a scale "thing" every once in a while.

But, what matters most is how YOU feel about yourself, the things YOU say to yourself in your head and how YOU believe you look.

Our mindset is our most powerful weapon.

We put so much energy into our nutrition, into our cardio and gym routines.....we need to put as much (if not more) effort into the way we talk to ourselves.

Comparing yourself to other people, will NOT help you

The reality I see for a lot of people that come to me is that it is possible for you to achieve your goals.   
But, they see people online or at the gym and say, "I can never look like that. That’s her or that’s him. I can’t look like them."   

The truth is you should not be aiming to look like someone else.   

You should be aiming to be the best version of yourself.   

I see you as feeling happier, feeling healthier, sleeping better, having more energy, being more excited to workout every day.   

This shouldn’t feel like a chore. You should feel grateful for the body you have and the ability to move like YOU can.

Yes, you CAN eat like a "normal" human being

I'm not against all of these other diets.

I'm not even saying that they don't work.

It's just that...

They are unsustainable.

If you want long-lasting and true success with your nutrition, you need to include a variety of foods and make sure you are eating enough.

I eat different foods daily. I love fish, fresh fruit, eggs, pancakes, french name it - I probably like it.

Heck, you guys know: I post what I eat on Instagram all the time.

I not only eat a variety of food for excitement and pleasure, but I also eat a variety of foods for their nutritional value.

On your fitness journey, I believe you eat foods that you enjoy and give you fuel.

Fit With Anjuli
THE Ultimate Body Transformation Programme
For women who want results with accountability, consistency, personalized training and a meal plan customized to their goals
Here's what you'll get in this game-changing program
Customized Meal Plan
Valued at $449
 Build a healthy relationship with food and start feeling confident in your skin!
 Choose your plan - shred fat or build muscle
 Know exactly what you should eat and how much
 List of ingredients for each meal
 Cooking instructions for each meal
 Complete shopping list to make trips to the store easier
 Choose the # of people you buy groceries for
 Macros and calories included in each meal (Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats - Total Calories)
 Swap out meals you don't like and Anjuli will send you a new one
Customized Fitness Program
Valued at $449
 Proven strategies to shred fat and build muscle tone
 Weight training customized to your specific goals
 Step-by-step tutorial videos for each exercise
 Workout days based upon your schedule
 Exact Set and rep count for each exercise
 Timed rest between each set and exercise
Fast Fat Burning Cardio Routines
Valued at $99
 The best and most effective HIIT and LISS cardio workouts to ignite your fat burning furnace
 Multiple routines to choose from for personal preference and to keep your workout fresh
 Never second guess - each routine gives you the required effort %, sets, and time
 Cardio programmes that give you a 48-hour afterburn effect
Exclusive Members Only App
Take your Fitness and Nutrition on The Go!
Exclusive Fit With Anjuli Members receive their personalized Meal Plans and Workout Programs on a Mobile App.

Take your App to the supermarket when meal shopping and view your exercises when in the Gym!

Available on iTunes and Google Play stores

Exclusive Bonus
One on One Coaching With Anjuli
Value... you decide
No matter your unique situation, sticking point or challenge, Anjuli's seen it before and fixed it.
Talk to Anjuli LIVE, monthly, as part of ongoing group coaching and accountability sessions.
"I’m at the 2 week mark and I can’t believe how good I feel.
My first couple of goals was to concentrate on sticking to the plan and developing a better relationship with food and the progress and not focus on weight/size.
I wanted it to be a mindset change and for it to become a lifestyle rather than a diet for a few months.
I have so much already from just 2 weeks of effort I can’t wait to see what I have in another months time. 
Hope everyone is having an amazing week and keep up the great work ."

- Nicole Payne
"I feel great already, I have improved my time management (going to the gym every morning) and eating is not a problem anymore. 
Before I just felt guilty for everything that I eat, as a result I finished eating more (of not healthy food). 
Plus I have to add that I feel really happy about the changes in my body and my strength and resistance have also improved. 
 I’m so so grateful about this community and the support of Anjuli Mack and all of you!!!" 

 - Cindy Palencia
"I truly love my meal plan, and so does my husband (before this plan I hardly every packed in food for him to take to work, so needless to say he is so thankful that I’m with this plan.) 
Oh, and the option to choose how many people you need to buy the groceries for is sooo helpful!!!
But over all I just LOVE the workouts and meal plan, and I feel amazing!
- Ledise van Schalkwyk
Exclusive Bonus
The Private Members Only Anjuli Fit Squad Facebook Group
Valued at $297
Join your new tribe!
Let's be real: you need a place of support and encouragement along your fitness journey.
Plus, find out how other like-minded enthusiasts deal with everyday struggles and unique situations.

"Holy cow, that's a lot of stuff!"

Yup, sure is.

You'll walk away from this program with a clear picture of exactly what you need to eat and do in the gym to reach your personal goals.

And, the best part...this isn't a "here you go, see you later" type of deal. I'm with you every step of the way and, you have a WHOLE gang of girls in the private Facebook group sharing their experiences.

It's weeks of dramatically leveling up your lifestyle with healthy eating habits and a results driven workout program.

Ultimate Body Transformation
New Year Sale - Save 25%
$44/ Month
Membership Recurring per Week (Price in USD)
Ultimate Body Transformation
Pay By The Week!
$14/ Week
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$89/ 12 Weeks
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Pay Weekly
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**Membership Recurring per Week (Price in USD)
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Email My Team:
Fit With Anjuli is PERFECT for you if...
  •  IF you want to shed some weight, tone-up and do it the HEALTHY, sustainable way... 
  •  IF you want a personalized meal plan that feeds you enough, yet is tailor-made for your personal goals... 
  •  IF you feel like you need a big ol' kick in the butt for 2019 (with love, of course) from Anjuli and the Facebook Fit Squad in your corner as support and encouragement...
  •  IF you are ready to view this as a change in lifestyle, not a change in diet
  •  IF you want to STOP using diets that never feed you enough. Eating healthy one week, only to spiral off the diet after a weekend of binge eating... 
  •  IF you are uncertain in the gym and would like a personalized program that includes how-to videos... 
  •  IF you struggle to find balance while still achieving your goals...
If you found yourself nodding along as you read this, and you can check a couple of the boxes above....then - Yay! It's a match.
Join Fit With Anjuli Today
The time to start taking care of your mindset, health and nutrition is now
It's TODAY. Right here. Right now.

A lot of you say that you’ll start “next Monday,” “next month,” or even “next year.”
Well, next year is here now.

A year from now, you will wish that you started today.

Happiness is an inside job, and you need to be the one to decide to put the work in.

I am here to encourage you on your journey.... live your best life appreciate your body for more than just the physical aspects help inspire you to workout and choose foods that nourish your body spread positivity keep it real educate and, of course, to share my fitness journey with you.


Pay Monthly
Sale 60% Off
$47/ Month
was $108
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**Membership Recurring per Month (Price in USD)
Pay Weekly
Sale 30% Off
$14/ Week
was $20
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**Membership Recurring per Week (Price in USD)
Sale 50% Off
$89/ 12 Weeks
was $180
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**Membership Recurring per 12 Weeks (Price in USD)
Pay Weekly
Sale 30% Off
$14/ Week
was $20
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**Membership Recurring per Week (Price in USD)
Pay Monthly
$44/ Month
was $60 
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**Membership Recurring per Month (Price in USD)
Need Help Ordering Or Got Questions
Email My Team:

I'm so passionate about partnering with you so that you feel your best, look your best, and live a healthy lifestyle in all aspects that I want to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to give a confident "yes."

Enter the Fit With Anjuli Guarantee.

Take 14-days to go through your custom made nutritional plan and your custom made workout plan.

Go over and say "Hi" to the girls over at #AnjuliFitSquad in our Private Facebook group.

If you go through my program and find that it's not for you or that you haven't learned anything new, just ask for a refund.

You don't have to do a song and dance.

All you have to do is ask.

Questions your fellow Fit Squad members asked before saying "Yeah, baby!" to Fit with Anjuli
Email my team if you have any other questions:

1) I want to do this, but I'm already spread wayyyy to thin. I'm worried about having the time to do this.

I hear you :)

And I've had times where I felt like adding "one more thing" to a never-ending-to-do list was going to bring this whole house of cards crashing down.

But here's the thing....

Building a lifestyle around physical fitness and nutritional health that gives you a new found sense of self-confidence and more energy will take dedicated time and commitment.

But I can promise you that every minute you spend in the gym will be helping you achieve your personal fitness goals.

No more worrying if you are wasting the limited time you have. Your plan will be tailored specifically to what you want to accomplish.

Also - when you sign-up - you are given several options to scale how often you hit the gym.

2) I've been holding off on signing up because I am scared that I might not be ready to stick to the plan.

That's ok.

That's why I'm here. It's the reason for the Private Facebook Group and the Fit Squad Fam. We are here to hold each other accountable with encouragement and inspiration.  

You will not be alone!

3) Nutrition has always been my downfall. Most programs I've tried in the past always make me feel like I'm starving. Or, even worse, it's a never-ending serving of chicken and broccoli. 

If you think you can stick to the same cookie-cutter fat-loss meal plan, eating the same thing every day for 2019, you’re either a superhero or crazy.

Variety and balance are key! Trust me - I’ve tried the oats/chicken/broccoli/egg whites type plan before.

You will receive a new meal plan every two weeks. Plus - you can hit the "refresh button" on any meal you do not like and, I will swap it out for you!

On your fitness journey, I believe that you should eat foods that not only fuel you but that you enjoy

4) What if I slip-up on my meal plan - girls night out, date night, holidays - and don't eat right? 

We all slip-up. Let me keep it real.  

Eating ONE snack or meal isn’t going to make you fat.

Having a drink out with friends will not make you fat.

Excess calories daily will.

Pair that up with lack of movement, and you’ve got your recipe for what will make you gain weight o⁣ver time.

And you don't need to punish yourself.

You need to change your mindset.

Those days are gone. Get back on the program.

5) I soo want this, of my biggest struggles is motivation. I'm worried the lack-of-motivation bug will bite me again.

⁣⁣The truth is, you will not ALWAYS be motivated, just like you won’t always have “good days.”

Some days you won’t want to go to the gym.

You’ll have your period, an injury, kids to look after, study and chores to do.

Or, straight up want to stay & watch Netflix with some warm comfort food.

But here's the key......

It’s not motivation that gets you to the gym each day or gets you eating the foods that align with your goals.

It’s dedication. It’s commitment. It's a group that holds you ACCOUNTABLE.

Motivation might bring you a short sense of “go.” But, it’s the other things that keep you going even when you don’t want to.

6) What if I am a vegetarian?

I've got you covered!

We just added a pescatarian plan and a vegetarian plan to our program.

7) How soon do I get my personalized meal plan and my personalized workout? 

I can get plans to you within 1-2 days so that you don’t delay achieving your goals any longer.

Sale 50% Off
$89/ 12 Weeks
was $180
[Cancel Anytime]
**Membership Recurring per 12 Weeks (Price in USD)
Pay Monthly
Sale 60% Off
$47/ Month
was $108
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**Membership Recurring per Month (Price in USD)
Pay Monthly
$44/ Month
was $60 
[Cancel Anytime]
**Membership Recurring per Month (Price in USD)
Need Help Ordering Or Got Questions
Email My Team:
"I’m proud of myself for being so motivated for once! And for waking up early. 
I always made excuses for not having time, so now I’m up at 4am every day and I love it. I used to have trouble sleeping and I don’t anymore.
I wore a body suit with jeans the other day in public and I didn’t hate myself. I’ve never felt good enough to wear something like that in public!! Anyway.  
I’m already happier. I can’t wait to see what happens. And, I’m down 3 pounds!"  
- Andrea DeBrino

"Only just about two weeks into the program and I am SO incredibly happy I decided to do it. 
So far I am proud of myself for sticking to my meal plan and for having self control when it comes to being around sweets at times.
Also, for pushing myself harder than I have been previously at the gym. I feel like since I have a set workout when going into the gym, I can really put my focus toward crushing it, rather than trying to figure out what exercises I want to do next.  
Excited to see what these next two weeks will bring when I hit my 30 days!"  
- Jenna Warren

"So far, I’m two weeks in and I’m proud of myself for actually committing to this!
I definitely feel like the forum helps a lot and knowing that Anjuli takes the time to check up on each and everyone of us definitely makes me feel more accountable and excited for everyday. 
I’m also pretty proud of my squat/deadlift form while also lifting heavier.  
I used to ALWAYS avoid deadlifting and squatting no more than 100lbs. and, surprisingly, I can squat and lift more than I thought.  
I was just too self conscious to do try.  
AND, I stopped giving myself a hard time for not doing so much cardio, or missing a day of working out. I can have a rest day. I definitely enjoy my time working out now."  
- Jel Villanueva

As with any exercise and diet program, you assume certain risks to your health and safety by following Fit With Anjuli by Anjuli Mack Fit Limited. Any form of exercise can cause injuries if the exercises are performed incorrectly, and Fit With Anjuli is no exception. It is possible that you may become injured doing the exercises in this program, especially if they are done with poor form. Although thorough instruction is included on form for each exercise, realize that Fit With Anjuli (like any other exercise program) does involve a risk of injury. Fit With Anjuli offers a 14 Day, 100% money-back guarantee — within 14 Days of your initial purchase you can return the program if you are not satisfied with the results. If you purchase any of Fit With Anjuli's Online Personal Training Services during a period where we are giving away a gift (i.e. Supplements, Clothing, Cashback, Headphones), or a Free 7 Day Squad Experience, as part of your sign up and we have already processed your order, the 14 day 100% money-back guarantee does not apply. It is still important to know that Anjuli Mack Fit Limited cannot guarantee your results with Fit With Anjuli. It is possible that you will not lose fat, gain muscle, or get ab definition with this program. It is also possible that you will gain fat, lose muscle, and lose ab definition. Anjuli's story, and the stories of the clients you see on this page are real. However, it must be disclaimed that these testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results with the program. They are meant as a showcase of what the most motivated and dedicated clients can do with the program. Your results may vary, and you may not get the same results when using this program due to differences in your individual exercise history, genetics, and personal motivation. Anjuli is not a medical doctor or nutritionist. Anjuli's advice is not meant as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise or diet program. Please see our full legal disclaimer for more information on typical results, risks, and our full testimonials disclaimer: Disclaimer for typical results, testimonials, and risks.
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